HomeLink® Compatible Wayne Dalton Models

The following Wayne Dalton models are compatible with HomeLink.  If your opener model is not on the list, it is not HomeLink® compatible. We do carry a HomeLink® conversion kit so you can make your opener compatible.

Classic Drive models 3014, 3018, 3514, and all other models using 372Mhz frequency

Quantum models 3214, 3314, 3316, 3414, and all other models using 372Mhz frequency

idrive models that have a yellow antennae wire

Conversion Kits for openers that are not compatible with HomeLink

Homelink Conversion Kit

Checking other brands of garage door opener for HomeLink Compatibility

First of all, you must have a hand-held transmitter (remote control) for your garage door opener to program HomeLink.
If you don't have a transmitter/remote control you will need our HomeLink Conversion Kit.

The best way to program an older garage door opener is:

  • Put NEW batteries in your garage door opener transmitter/remote control.
  • Hold the transmitter/remote control between one and three inches away from the Homelink surface until HomeLink learns the signal.
  • If HomeLink has not picked up the signal within a few seconds, position the transmitter/remote control at different lengths and angles from the HomeLink surface and try again.

If none of this works, your garage door opener is not HomeLink compatible and you will need our HomeLink Conversion Kit to make it compatible.

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Find out if your Wayne Dalton garage door opener is HomeLink Compatible. Visit our HomeLink page.